CD Cancion

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Œuvres de F. Tarrega, I. Albeniz, Manuel Maria Ponce, Emilio Pujol Miguel Llobet, A. Barrios et N. DECAMP

Artetik/Rue Stendhal distribution

Mana Kela

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Artetik/Rue Stendhal distribution

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Dvd Asturias Classic Fusion

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Vidéo : Présentation Vidéo du spectacle "Asturias"

« La rencontre des styles et des générations… une invitation au voyage dans le temps et les cultures, du classique au hip hop en passant par le flamenco, le rock, le jazz, la bossa nova… »
Le Quotidien, Québec

24 Août

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Nelly Decamp avec :
Jean Pascal Quiles (guitare), Keyvan Chemirani (percussion).
Œuvres de Nelly Decamp.
Integral Classic
INT 221.224
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Louis; 24 Août; Bebe Rumba; Avant Première; Niou Age; Cap 180.

On the 24th August 1999 the legendary guitarist Alexandre Lagoya passed away having reached the age of 70. He was most renowned as one half of what has been called the greatest guitar duo ever to exist and together with his wife Ida Presti, the duo gave around 2000 concerts and left a legacy of superb recordings to remember them by. This new recording by the French guitarist Nelly Decamp pays tribute to the great man through her emotive four-movement composition 24 Août and as a further mark of respect has named the CD after this work. Through its seven-minute duration, this piece covers a wide range of emotions, from despair to joyfulness but saves the icing on the cake until last with a beautiful crafted, melodie work written in the tremolo style.
As well as performing solo on classical and electric guitars, Decamp is joined on several tracks by fellow musicians Keyvan Chemirani on percussion and Jean-Pascal Quilès on guitars and the effect when performing as a trio could be best described as one of “jazz-fusion”. Decamp’s compositions cross many musical perimeters and each track on this enjoyable recording has something attractive and pleasurable to offer.
Aside from the aforementioned Lagoya tribute piece, highlights include a superb and stylish rumba and a set of variations based upon a rather “dark” but brief theme.
I can find much to admire in not only Decamp’s excellent performances of her original works but also in the compositions themselves, which at times, are quite exceptional. This is the first time I can recollect hearing Nelly Decamp’s works and I must say I was bowled over by them. Altogether a very nice and most welcome addition to the evergrowing repertoire for guitar.

Steve Marsh in Classical Guitar Magazine.

Sur le Zinc

Extraits Musicaux:
Nelly Decamp avec
Christian Escoudé (guitare électrique),
Frédéric Laroque (violon).
Œuvres de A.Piazzolla, C.Escoudé et N.Decamp.
2001 Maguelone. Intégrale Distribution.
MAG 111.129
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Paganni En Trio

Extraits Musicaux:
Avec Pierre Lénert (alto),
Nelly Decamp (guitare)
et Cyrille Lacrouts (violoncelle).
Œuvres originales de N.Paganini.
2002 Syrius. Distribution Coda.
SYR 141365
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« Oui,Mais... »

Extraits Musicaux:
CD de la musique du film de Y.Lavandier avec G.Jugnot
Musique de Philippe Rombi, guitare : N.Decamp.
2001 Le clown et l’enfant. M001

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